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Friday, February 27, 2009

PPARI banquet night!

The banquet night had a tropical theme, so the evening dresses and tuxes stayed at home! I think so far I got to see more PPANE past presidents in RI then anywhere. Here is Bob Lizzari and I with Gary Thibeault, both are past presidents. During dinner I sat with Ruth Clegg and a table over from us was Bob DeCaprio, both also past presidents of PPANE and still involved serving on committee's and hosting all star programs.

Speech number 4! It was a walk down memory lane, with my years at RISP and sharing my admiration for a beloved man in RI, Rudy Graziani.

My PPANE president scholarships winner was...
Christine Connell
1st runner up- Manny Deoliveira
2nd runner up- Heather Ferraro

My proof that Bob was having a good time! Don't let him tell you stories otherwise!

It's Jackie Nelson. Jackie and I share a VERY special friend in common. I told Jackie some of my RISP school days stories!

Not only did I get to see an old roommate but I got to share her birthday with her the night of the banquet. Don't worry I made sure everyone else knew it was her birthday too!

Thank you again for the FUN candids that Peter shared with me!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Awards for PPARI

Congratulations to all the award winners in RI! It enjoyed not knowing and the anticipation of who was going to receive and award!

The Winners Are!

Out of State Court of Honor - Sam Chinigo

In State Courts of Honor
Commercial - Al Weems
Wedding - Diane Miller Yeatman
Illustrative - Serena Parente Charlebois
Portrait - Diane Miller Yeatman
Digital - John Lovgren
Master - Serena Parente Charlebois
Student Court - Justin Frink

Fuji Awards
Commercial - Al Weems
Illustrative - Serena Parente Charlebois
Portrait - Serena Parente Charlebois
Digital - Serena Parente Charlebois
Wedding - Diane Miller Yeatman

Kodak Awards
Illustrative - Karen Bernard
Portrait - Serena Parente Charlebois
Digital - Paul Vicario
Wedding - Diane Miller Yeatman

Hallmark Award - Highest Color Portrait - Diane Miller Yeatman

Best of Show - Serena Parente Charlebois

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

MA makes 3 for 3

It's official, 3 of 6 state conventions without a snow storm. It was like the good old days with Gillian and I riding together to a meeting or convention. Brad could not leave until he got done work at midnight, and drove thru arriving at 3:30am. I had to judge Saturday morning and needed to leave on Friday. It worked great that Gillian had decided to visit the Massachusetts convention.

How to feel welcomed!!! There was a 16x20 sign that seemed to follow me around all weekend! Honestly , people I had never met before came up and congratulated me on being president and supported all the positive changes they had noticed. I suspect this sign gave a hint of who I was!

A special thank you to Tracy Gilford for the AWESOME coverage with his images of the MA convention. I hope PPANE's photography chair from MA, Barry Okun asked Tracy to help at PPANE!


Friends far and near

One of the things that sets our profession above many is the camaraderie with our peers, whether from near or far. I was so excited to know that Mary Mannix from Chicago, IL would be at the MA convention.
I had met Mary years ago through Gillian. When I was print chair for PPANE, Mary served as one of the judges. Just one of those bonds and friendships that has grown and grown over the years. What other professions offer such support and loyalty?

Don't forget to thank Tracy Gilford for all the images in the slide shows!!


Lola steals the show!!

Here is our GoldenDoodle, Lola! After being away from home so much, when I found out that the Crown Plaza allowed dogs there was no doubt in my mind that she was coming along to her first convention. Brad on the other hand wasn't so sure, being he would be the one to take care of her when I was judging and at the trade show. Lola and her over abundance of personality was a HUGE hit and people were in line to meet her. Here she is at the trade show.
Diana Mirasolo and I at the NEIPP/PPANE booth. 10 members and 6 NEIPP students were signed . I guess Lola gets some credit as the attaction to the booth, who needs chocolate when you have Lola!

Lola even had company to hang out in the room with Ansel Lizzari (Bob's dog). The two of them didn't stop chit chatting with each other. I think he was trying to convince her to be his girlfriend and she had lots of rules to tell him!

PPAM's Group Photo

I think this is a great tradition doing the group photo every year! Lola was even invited!!

PPAM's Banquet

Look at ME, you might even think I look comfortable up there! By speech THREE I am getting the hang of it! PPANE Prez NEIPP scholarship winner was Laure Brooks, 1st runner up was Ed Diaz, and John Lewis was the 2nd runner up.

What an honor to pin Mark Spencer with the National Award.

Another great tradition PPAM has is to take a photo of all the National Award recipients that attended that banquet.

After a weekend of judging and promoting PPANE it was nice to let loose on the dance floor!

Judges Choice Ribbon

Here I am with Christian Anderson, and his image "Into the World". When this image came around the turn table my first thought was of a photographer that I studied in photography school named Eugene Smith. Not that the image is at all the same, but if you read about Eugene Smith even just the title will spark a similarity. If you would like to read more about him, I found this link http://www.photo-seminars.com/Fame/eugesmith.htm and to really see the image go to http://masters-of-photography.com/S/smith/smith_children_walking_full.html

Christian, thank you for bring the memory of Eugene back into my mind. I much enjoyed your image and the journey it took me on!!

Award Night for PPAM

Tug of War for the awards!

Nancy WON!!