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Saturday, April 17, 2010


(top) Arthur tells of his wonderful plans for the week on the night before the students arrive. Next, here's all the trustees, some ppane board members and instructors, all eagerly anticipating the week ahead. You (viewer) really ought to go to facebook and check out PPANE/NEIPP and see all the photos of our incredible week.

Arthur, you just blew us away!!! NEIPP transformed!! I just know everyone will go home and rave about thier week and the school wide group shot will require a wider lens next year to accomodate everyone who will come.

This old dog sure learned some new tricks this past week from David Beckstead. Put the camera on the ground without looking through the viewfinder, aim it at the sun. I had no idea!!!!!!
"Be in Good Company" had so many layers this week.

We had a lot of fun as well as learning. Other than my eyes being closed in this picture from the toga party, can anyone figure out what else isn't quite right?