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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rhode Island... here we come!

Another weekend had arrived and that meant it was time to head out to an convention. This week I my travels took me to the Rhode Island convention. My Super Hero, Brad had to work the entire weekend. I was THRILLED when past president Bob Lizzari told me he was planning to go and we made arrangements to carpool. I was a little nervous at first being I am on a lucky streak with the weather and knew that Bob wasn't so lucky when he was PPANE president. I decided it would be worth the adventure traveling with him, as we have many times to board meetings and conventions. Sure enough, another sunny day for travel!

I have seen this sign many times! In fact just about every weekend for 2 years. I am an alumni from Rhode Island School of Photography. I certainly know the drive from Vermont to Rhode Island.

We made it and Bob survived 4 hours in the car with me!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Many old and new faces!

PPARI was a lot more laid back for me, because I wasn't judging. Our first official task was to have dinner! We all took the trolley to Sardella's for a wonderful dinner

I was SOOOO exicted to be able to spend time with Heather Ferraro-Shuman and her husband Rob at the PPARI convention. Heather and I went to RISP together. She lives nearby in Narrgansett and spent many nights with us in Providence, becomming an honorary roommate!

We had our own private dinning room! Boy was the food and wine yummy!!

PPARI president, Judith Potter is certainly a HANDS ON kind of president! It was fun to catch up with Judith in person. We have done a lot of emailing while she helped to fill the RI representative for PPANE. I can't thank her enough for sending along Steve Lourenco. He is a gem on the PPANE board.

Look here!! Nancy and Jack Holowitz at another state convention. I told Jack he would be able to give my speech at the banquet, he has heard enough of them!

Thank you a BUNCH to Peter Lapolla for the great candids he shared with me to put on the blog!!

More new PPANE members

I spent the day on Sunday at the registration area with the PPANE trade show booth talking to PPARI members about PPANE and NEIPP. I am happy to report I have signed up 23 PPANE members, and 11 NEIPP students in my convention travels so far.

One of my favortite things to do in my convention travels is looking at each states history. I belonged to PPARI when I was a student at RISP. I remember a lot of these members 18 years ago!