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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

VPP Convention

OK, so this took too long. Well, there was just TOO much going on. Vermont was my last state convention and what a great one it was! The Woodstock Inn was gorgeous and the weather was...well, cold!Yup, this is me looking like a nightclub diva! Bob was using his large format FILM camera. I wanted to make it special for him!

As always the print crew work until weeee hours (not!).

Rene and Joan Genest put on a great program AND show. When they got tired they handed the camera to Chris.

Walter VanDuzen also rocked the joint with his intense program!

Gillian loves to have her photo taken!

How cool to be there when the photo Donna took of my parents scored in the 90's!

Oh Don, you are so silly sometimes!

Bob Jenks' Studio is celebrating their 90th anniversary!

Welome on board to the new VPP officers. May the force be with you.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Home town USA. Here we go PPAM! Dan Doke our prez and the whole board did a great job this year. Thanks for being so dedicated to PPAM.

Both NH and MA had Oscar themes at thier awards reception. I think we won with the most original poses with Oscar!

Our never tiring crew in charge. Andy put us all to work. She is a fantastic leader!

PPAM wins the "most on the dance floor" award! Boy we were party-ers that night.

Can't thank everyone enough for all the fun. Dan, thanks for the flowers.

The print homees.
We always have such happy people at registration!
It was really cool to be the PPANE prez at my home state convention. I got treated like a QUEEN! Thanks guys!


Peggy is always one of the first to arrive!
The print judges...again!
ooo, La La
Fred, will you please go out to my car...

Congrats to Lorraine for getting the National Award! She is such a dedicated member!
What a fantastic print committee! NH gets the gold star from print entries! They had the most!

Even the PPA Prez and his wife came to NHPPA! Don will be at NEIPP's party too! Come join us!

The King of NHPPA!

Kissy Kissy!

Check out the New NHPPA Prez...Jeff and his wife Carole.

Wow, not enough time to do everything! I will now catch up on all my conventions. Have I mentioned how great NHPPA is? I seem to get to go there quite a bit and I have a blast every time!