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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Connecticut Convention

Bernie and Rickey kicked off the convention's first program with an awesome presentation

Nancy and Jack Holowitz recieve well deserved honors awarding their long time contribution to our community

Ah Hospitality, Marietta makes sure it's extraordinary!!

Dan emerges after a nasty 2 day bug, eats a whole bowl of soup at the banquet!

New Member lunch, what a great idea! and also with benefit of BOTH Dan and Deborah Tual's appearance.

With posing like this, Doug Gordon had no problem keeping an audience.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Maine Convention, the start of my N.E. tour!

Ah, the beginning of my New England tour as PPANE prez begins. First stop Hawaii.....uh, I mean Maine.

A whole day dedicated to print judging with no programing to lure us away. I learned a lot. I will never put a big bright orange stroke around an image again!

I was happy to win a court of honor for the category of our of state entries (don't ask how many there were).

I thought the PPANE/NEIPP table looked pretty snazzy, lots of images to look at. I'm glad Steve Lourenco took so many great shots of our convention last September, giving me the opportunity to make a cool banner with them. Thanks Lenzart for printing and shipping it really fast so I'd have it in time!

One of the new friends I made, he is fresh out of college and really eager to learn. Cool to hang out with someone who's just starting, made me feel so smart! Davin, hope we'll see you at NEIPP. You gotta take Doug Box's class.

I missed CT's own Bruce Hutchison give his talk in our state, so glad I had a chance to catch it here. He'll be heading to Afghanistan for a year of active duty, and doing more combat photography. Please keep your head low. We want you to be safe, and come back with more riveting tales for us!

Thanks Maniacs for making my first stop on the tour a really pleasant experience!