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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Imaging 2011

Imaging 2011 was GREAT! I can't believe so much time went by in a split second!
Jen Roggi and I getting over whelmed by all the color! You met the best people on the bus...then again, there was hardly anyone ON the bus!

Hey, so sorry for not posting sooner. There has been so much CHANGE hapening I hadn't had a moment to update this blog. It's been so exciting working with PPANE it's hard to keep my brain from exploding. Randy has designed this really cool website which by now you must have seen. Be sure to sign up for the forum update.
Ed has been busy setting up speakers for our NEW April Conference. The rest of our board have been tieing up loose ends with all the little details. (We all know there are tons of details)
The NEIPP trustees have been getting all the last minute arrangments made for the 50th Anniversary celebration going on all week at NEIPP.
We are all working hard for YOU. We know how important it is to keep us all together and to keep us educated. We (the PPANE board) reaped the benifit of so many others before us donating thier time and energy to keep us informed. It's our turn now. We hope to make you (Past and future board members) all proud of our new direction for PPANE.
Thanks for the honor and privilage you have bestoed on me by electing me your PPANE President.